Massages and procedures

Wellness hotel Energetic offers the following procedures

Classic massages

This is one of the basic types of massages, which is very pleasant. During classic massages, massage oil, emulsion or aromatherapy is used, which helps to eliminate fatigue, stress, and insomnia. It has beneficial effects on metabolism, accelerates blood and lymph circulation, provides elasticity to surface tissues, and is very helpful for aching backs or joints.

Hot stone massage

Rightfully among the queens of massages. The combination of heat, the touch of hot stones, and the scent of aromatic oils affect our energy centers, which lead from the tips of the fingers on our feet and hands to all internal organs of the body. The heat and waves from the lava stones restore energy flow, wash toxins from the body, stress and lead to the regeneration of the body and spirit. The hot pressure from the stones also penetrates immediately into the muscles, where it relieves spasms, dissolves pain and stiffness. It stimulates blood circulation, the lymphatic and immune systems, regulates digestion and metabolism.

Reflexology of the feet

Reflexology massage is one of the most effective methods of alternative medicine, using reflex points on the feet.

Honey detoxifying massage

It is very effective against developed diseases, but it can also be applied to manage stress, chronic diseases or during spring detoxification treatments. Honey is applied over the entire back surface and then massaged into the body using a special technique. It extracts harmful substances from the body, thickens, and changes color due to tension and vacuum. It removes deposits, toxins, all poisons from the environment, food and drugs that the body has accumulated in its tissues throughout life.

Finnish sauna and steam bath

Finnish sauna

In today’s hurried times, the Finnish sauna is the best means for eliminating fatigue and stress, as it has beneficial effects against bronchitis, prevents colds, and refreshes the body.

Steam bath

It has very pleasant sensory and relaxing effects, it helps with health problems such as asthma, bronchitis, rheumatic and joint diseases, and blood circulation disorders. It also has a positive effect on the skin, because in a steam bath, pores open, leading to the removal of impurities and excess sebum from the surface of the body.

Solarium LUXURA X7

Highly professional and luxurious LUXURA X7 solarium at the Energetic hotel.

Intuitive control of all functions with a light touch, the option to be refreshed by a water mist, which also moistens your skin and thus increases the tanning effect, a choice of three pleasant fragrances, two integrated music channels (relax and disco) or the possibility to connect your own mp3 player or mobile phone to the solarium and enjoy your favorite music thanks to high-quality equipment.

All this is offered by the brand new LUXURA X7 solarium.

GARRA RUFA fish therapy

Try a completely new, natural, and very effective method of therapy using Garra rufa fish!

The Carp-like fish Garra rufa of the Cyprinidae family /Cyprinion macrostomus/, come from thermal springs and can survive in water warm up to 36 °C.

Garra rufa fish painlessly abrade the skin and rid it of excess and dead skin cells. They instinctively seek out areas where the skin is thickest. By removing excess, calloused, and non-functional cells, the fish prevent skin infections. Such infections are the cause of skin diseases and subsequent visible skin damage.

During the skin abrasion process, the fish release the enzyme ditranol directly into the small wounds that occur during this unconventional peeling, which is a mildly acidic secretion that disinfects small wounds. These enzymes also promote healing and renewal of the epidermis, the outer layer of the skin. Therefore, it is a special form of pedicure that is absolutely safe and hygienic.

The fish remove from the skin what triggers the worsening of skin disease, and at the same time, they contribute to the healing process.


  • medications
  • antibiotics
  • ointments, creams with corticosteroids, steroids
  • freshly applied nail polish
  • diabetes mellitus
  • chemotherapy treatment
  • fungal skin diseases
  • warts
  • corns
  • bleeding wounds
  • malignant skin tumors
  • alcohol and other addictive substances consumption


The Vibrosauna Therapeutic MT 365 is the most sophisticated type of vibrosauna, which serves not only as a detoxifying, rejuvenating, relaxing, and regenerative device, but also fights obesity very successfully, removes post-operative pains, arthritis, alleviates rheumatic pains, and also replaces traditional lymphatic drainage.

Vibrations combined with heat increase kidney activity, which breaks down lactic acid and toxins from the body much faster and more efficiently. Procedures in the vibrosauna also lead to the release of muscle tension, with longer exposure to vibrations subsequently improving muscle tone and strengthening muscles. The vibrosauna demonstrably helps with sleep disorders and helps to lower high blood pressure.

Vibrosauna is especially suitable for those who would like to go to the sauna, but have breathing problems in a hot environment. Due to its unique construction, the head and neck area remains cool, allowing you to breathe ionized air free of all pollutants (so-called mountain air). For perfect relaxation, the entire procedure in the vibrosauna is accompanied by soothing meditation music.

Wellness services price list

During the time window from 11:30 to 12:30 on Saturdays and Sundays we don’t offer massages nor procedures.

Procedure typePrice for the publicPrice for season ticket and gift check holders
Entry into the wellness center – 2 hours350 CZK1 700 CZK / 5 entrances
3 300 CZK / 10 entrances
Entry into the wellness center – children150 CZK700 CZK / 5 entrances
1 300 CZK / 10 entrances
Entry into the fitness center100 CZK50 CZK
Vibrosauna30 min. – 250 CZK2250 CZK / 10 entrances
GARA RUFA fish therapy20 min. – 250 CZK
30 min. – 350 CZK
2 250 CZK / 10 entrances
3 150 CZK / 10 entrances
Solarium14 CZK per minute1 100 CZK per 100 minutes
BathsProcedure lengthPrice
Additive bath (oil, salt)20 minutes250 CZK
Hemp bath20 minutes250 CZK
Wine bath20 minutes250 CZK
WrapsProcedure lengthPrice
Paraffin wraps
(according to the current offer)
20 minutes250 Kč
MassagesProcedure lenghtPrice
Facial massage with salt stones20 minutes500 CZK
Facial salt peeling20 minutes500 CZK
Chocolate massage for children20 minutes250 CZK
Oil massage for children20 minutes250 CZK
Classic massage20 minutes400 CZK
Hot stone massage20 minutes450 CZK
Relaxing feet massage20 minutes400 CZK
Relaxing neck and back massage20 minutes400 CZK
Reflexology of the Feet20 minutes400 CZK
Honey Detoxifying Massage20 minutes400 CZK
Antistress face massage20 minutes400 CZK
Aromatic candle massage20 minutes450 CZK
Chocolate relax20 minutes400 CZK

What do our clients say about us

Dear Team,

I would like to express my profound gratitude for the exceptional atmosphere and services we experienced at your Energetic Hotel during our company meeting.

What I appreciate most is the remarkable human approach, the readiness and helpfulness of all your staff members. Additionally, the peaceful environment, cleanliness, orderliness, delicious authentic food, and views of the Beskydy mountains were absolutely stunning. Your facilities offer a perfect balance between work and relaxation, thanks to your relaxing and sports services.

A heartfelt thank you from all of us. We wish you continued success, and may you always have satisfied guests.

Best regards,

Dear Friends,

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the professionalism of the staff at the Wellness Hotel Energetic and the KORDULKA restaurant. During our stay in your beautiful hotel, we were provided with high-quality services and excellent food.

I wish you many more successes in your ongoing efforts in the field of tourism.

With warm regards,

For me, this is a TOP hotel. Everything was superb and as a bonus, all the food was prepared for me in a gluten-free version. Thank you so much.

Our stay at this hotel ends tomorrow and I must say we are more than satisfied. Large, clean rooms, a beautiful restaurant, pool, wellness, pleasant staff, but most importantly, the food. My son is on a gluten-free diet, in addition, he has a low histamine diet, which is even more demanding, and they handled it excellently here. Everything on personal agreement, nothing is a problem, and my son gets what he needs and even greatly enjoys it. I appreciate this greatly and I can recommend the Wellness Hotel Energetic to everyone. And if you are already here, don’t miss a visit to the Unipar candle shop.

Good evening from Lipník nad Bečvou.

This afternoon we returned from the stay “Easter in Valachia”, which we spent in your beautiful Energetic hotel. Complete satisfaction, except for the weather, which didn’t work out, but you can’t be blamed for that.

Many thanks to all the hotel employees for how you took care of us, even though it was a holiday and you couldn’t spend it with your families. There’s nothing to criticize you for, the pleasant environment and smiles on the faces of your employees exceeded my expectations. I’ve been to various spa and wellness stays several times, so I can compare it.

Once again, a big thank you to all of you and we will definitely be happy to come back to you and recommend stays to our friends and acquaintances.

We wish you all good health and that you have only satisfied clients.

With greetings, Mrs. Bezděková.

Once again, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the smooth process and your team’s willingness to accommodate us. I appreciate it greatly.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the entire event and hope that we will have the opportunity to repeat it.

Have a nice day.

Good day,

I had booked this stay for my friends. They arrived yesterday and were absolutely thrilled. Utter satisfaction. My friend, who is quite the homebody, stated that in such luxury and among such lovely people, she could easily manage another week without any issues. I think that is a tremendous compliment.

We travel a lot and are also choosy, so it’s no wonder I chose this hotel for them. From the very start, it radiated luxury. We will certainly come and take a look ourselves. Take care and may you continue to prosper.

Please allow me, on behalf of our company, to express our gratitude for the flawless execution of the entire event.

From the food to the comprehensive service and organization, everything was 110%. Thank you, and we look forward to our next training session at the Energetic Hotel.